Wondering Where to Stay & What to Do at Lake Chelan This Spring?

where to stay in lake chelan spring 2018
It’s a rainy weekend day in April, you’re hiding under a blanket with a bag of chips, and you’re watching yet another rerun of Law & Order. You look over to your spouse. “We need a weekend getaway,” you say, “to Lake Chelan.” They nod emphatically and reply, “But, [your name], where to stay in Lake Chelan this year? What is there to do?” …And you’d best believe we have some answers for you. So put down those chips and lay aside the remote, reader, because it’s time to plan your spring break to Chelan. First things first: You might have noticed our site received a little makeover! At least we’re pretty jazzed about it. Call it spring cleaning, if you will. And soon, we’ll be booking for the year with a nifty new reservations system too. Easy to use, easier to see what you’re in for during your trip.

So, where to stay in Lake Chelan this spring?

Lakeside Lodge & Suites — just steps from the waterfront.

As temperatures climb and the sun’s out more often, you’ll want to stay as close as possible. As in: Lake Chelan is right there. lake chelan lakeside lodge and suites rooms We have a number of “poolside” rooms, like this Poolside Deluxe Double Queen, which families love. The not-so-secret secret? That also means the waterfront is a quick walk from your own front door. If private views are more your speed, book any of our Sunset Suites for a personal balcony (and totally uninterrupted look at the lake!). Find a new local wine to sip as you enjoy some TV-free time. (Though of course we have those too, just in case.)

Make some time for outdoor activities!

Join a game on the volleyball court in our backyard, throw around a frisbee, or just hit the water. There are three golf courses within twenty-odd minutes of Lakeside Lodge & Suites — and they offer specials and seasonal rates, so keep an eye out.

There’s no better time to explore historic downtown Chelan…

…Than before the big summer rush. Well-preserved buildings from the turn of the century — like the Ruby Theatre, the Chelan Museum, and St. Andrew’s Church — make for a great lesson in our humble corner of Pacific Northwest history.

Don’t forget to relax, while you’re at it.

You didn’t book that Whirlpool Suite without a good reason. We didn’t install our hot tubs for ourselves to use, either. So put on that sheet mask you’ve been meaning to use forever, grab a slice of pizza, take a nap at the pool.

So, basically, find your bliss this spring at Lakeside. We’ll be here!

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