Our Top 3 Lake Chelan Restaurants for Summer

In the wintertime, heaven is a bowl of hot soup — maybe a hearty potato-heavy meal, a huge bowl of rich pasta eaten by the steaming forkful, or even a perfect-in-its-simplicity grilled cheese sandwich. Summer is an entirely different dining ballgame. Some restaurants just cater to the visitor who’s on vacation at the lake and been active all day. So we rounded up our top picks for Lake Chelan restaurants that have those “summery” dishes you’re hoping for. (And that’s not necessarily codeword for “salad,” either.)

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Add these Lake Chelan restaurants to your summer vacation itinerary.

1. The Fox & Quail Cafe

Open for lunch and dinner service Tuesday through Saturday, you might as well come to Fox and Quail hungry. You’ll almost definitely be ordering seafood. It’s up to you whether that’s as a salad, raw — how very hardcore of you (only kidding) — or styled into a literal tower (order the Ahi Sushi Tuna Tower, it’s no joke). Restore your body’s sodium balance without the food coma.

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They also make quick work out of other American-fusion cuisine. Try the Mini Pork Hum Bao (a dumpling dish) or the Po’ Boy if land animals are more your style. There are plenty of vegetarian options to boot. And don’t forget to grab a drink if you can — Fox and Quail serve up some of the meanest cocktails around. Not that their beer list is too shabby, either. …Or that beer isn’t best consumed year-round. Just take a look at their menu.

2. Lake Chelan Artisan Bakery

This airy shop offers indoor and patio seating,  which is always a plus. Don’t be fooled by the name — while we admit that their croissants, cinnamon rolls, and pastries are all to die for, they have an ample (and savory) breakfast and lunch menu, too. Grab an iced latte, slice of quiche, and a little grain salad. (Obviously that’s in addition to the baked goods, we mean.)

3. Apple Cup Cafe

While we’ve extolled the many virtues of this particular spot for Chelan dining in the past, it’s not without good reason. Locals love it, guests love it, and the kids do too.
It’s absolutely a diner — just check out those omelettes, scrambles, and burgers, after all — but the bar service and sunny environment do it for us. Their big salads aren’t anything to sneeze at, either; in fact, their servings are all pretty generous, so you might as well go Dutch. We love Apple Cup Cafe in the summertime. And you can never go wrong with those Coconut Prawns, by the way.

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So now you know what you’ll be eating when you get to Lake Chelan… When should we expect you?

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