Lake Chelan for the Thrill Seeker

Walk along Lake Chelan and you’ll immediately feel at peace; it’s serene, inviting, and a welcomed escape from the weekday chaos. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t well suited for a thrill seeker. Here are a few heart-pumping adventures for the rebel in you!


When it comes to summer, there is no activity more appropriate for a thrill seeker than flyboarding. It’s safe, no doubt, but with an apparatus that utilizes propulsion underwater to thrust you into the air, it’ll give you the adrenaline rush you crave.


This freefall will be one for the books! Imagine taking the plunge above majestic mountain peaks and resplendent waters – does it really get any better than that? It’s an unmatched experience that will have every thrill seeker’s blood pumping and mind racing.

Zip Lines

What involves speed, elevation, and free falling? Lake Chelan zip lines! Regardless of experience, there’s a course for you. Plus, you’ll have a safe and unique view of Chelan above the trees and rooftops!


For those visitors less inclined to label themselves a thrill seeker, Parasailing is a must. You float high above the waters while witnessing panoramic views of Lake Chelan; it’s the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation.

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