Rest and Recharge in Lakeside’s Own Backyard

So you’re looking for a reboot. You’re visiting Lake Chelan to abstain from weekly chaos. You want to turn off technology and satiate your appetite for tranquility. You’ve come to the right place; at Lakeside Lodge & Suites, we have the calm you deserve with the comfort and convenience of on-site amenities. It’s all in our own backyard.

The Outdoor Pool

Part of the lodge’s backyard property, the outdoor pool sits lakeside amidst the magnificence of Chelan’s sprawling mountains. As you recline by the water you can take in the natural scenery or indulge in an enthralling novel.

The Hot Tubs

Adjacent to the pool is Lakeside’s hot tub. Beneath a sky undisturbed by city lights, this is an ideal spot to gaze at the stars or breathe in the fresh evening air.

Grill Out

When you’re too busy soaking up the sunshine, we suggest you remain outdoors and take full advantage of our numerous backyard grill tops. We’re confident there’s enough space for everyone and every meal you had in mind.

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is situated just yards away from the lodge. Start or end your day with a light stroll where you can sip on tea or coffee, admire the backdrop, and gain a new perspective.

Lake Chelan

It’s hard to miss and impossible to forget. Open a window and you’ll hear the calm waters, sit on the balcony and you’ll see the intrinsic splendor. When you really feel the desire to reflect and recharge, our best recommendation is that you sit at the end of the pier with your toes just grazing the top of the cool, clear waters.
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