An Indian Summer In Chelan

As we anticipate the Autumn season, a certain calm settles on Lake Chelan. A softness blankets our property and we appreciate the notion that we may simply be. It seems that we’re able to breathe a little deeper. What we experience is a specific kind of tranquility; that’s the beauty of an Indian Summer.


Indian Summers are unseasonably warm periods, which typically occur during the Spring and Fall. Marked by bright, sunny afternoons, conditions are conducive to lakeside adventure and quality time with friends and family exploring the surrounding area. Even better? Our Indian Summer special has you covered!


Chelan’s colorful canvas beckons during September and October, and we encourage you to succumb to temptation. From September 10th through October 11th, guests at our Lakeside Lodge can indulge in exclusive rates beginning at $129. Even our sought-after suites are a mere $149 a night. We can just picture it now. You, the sunrise, and a delicious cup of morning coffee. If you’re itching for that weekday escape (Sunday-Thursday only), then our wish is your command…with promo code INDIANSUMMER, of course.

Who's ready for an unbeatable Indian Summer special? #INDIANSUMMER

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While you’re in town, let those warm, fuzzy Fall vibes resurface. Head over to apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and cider bars. Put down your phones and your tablets and, instead, take a mental picture of Chelan’s vibrant red, gold and orange hues. What are you waiting for? Book your advanced reservation now!

Who else is ready for Fall activities?

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