Help Lessen the Impact of Washington’s Fires

We’re no stranger to wildfires in Washington, however, we’re fortunate that Chelan maintains a safe distance from widespread flames. Regardless, the smoke sometimes drifts our way and we’re reminded that parts of our beloved state are engulfed. We’d like to help lessen the impact of these fires.


If you live within close proximity, offering volunteer services provides significant support. As flames spread, local fire departments are stretched thin. Assistance programs help with training and providing equipment, and the additional help increases their ability to respond. We understand not everyone has the time or energy to be so hands on, and that’s okay. You can do your part through fundraising in local activities. Be creative and get the whole family involved! Kids can host lemonade stands or you can open a GoFundMe account in response. What matters is the effort and the desire to make a difference.


For our beloved guests and travelers, your support is just as crucial during the fires. Furthermore, it can be implemented from far away. Financial and material donations raise up families in need and ensure displaced residents are given the bare necessities. Looking for a more exhilarating, and perhaps local, way to help? Simply visit our region or purchase Washington products. For instance, book your room at the Lakeside Lodge & Suites, then head off to indulge in one of our 20 area wineries and vineyards. It may be lighthearted, but it’s support all the same. For that, we will be forever grateful!
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