Chelan Wildlife

Lake Chelan is not the area’s sole attraction. The mountainous landscape offers a warm embrace, while the blanket of greenery hides another world entirely. Venture out on a stroll – through the park or along the trails – and you’ll likely come across some beautiful wildlife.

Lakeside Park

Just yards from the lodge is Lakeside Park. Marked by tranquil waters and delicate shade, you’ll notice an elegant population walking right alongside you. The most obvious and unabashed of the bunch are the ducks and the geese. Especially prevalent during the Spring and Summer seasons, our winged neighbors are always a sight to see.
Beyond the lake’s edge another species rustles the foliage and scurries with exceptional zest. They’re chipmunks and this precious bunch make it hard not to smile. As they make their way from the roots to the highest stretching leaves, you might catch a majestic presence among the clouds. We’re recognized for our eagle population, so don’t forget to pack a camera. Recovering from near extinction, these creatures never cease to fascinate guests and locals alike. Soaring high above the waters it becomes abundantly clear why they’re chosen as a symbol of freedom, courage, and strength.

Dense Trees and Trails

As you leave the property for quieter grounds you begin to learn what kind of wildlife really shares the land. The deer no longer require silence to come out from the woods. In fact, you may just be teeing off when you suddenly realize you have company! Less bold are the elk, but keep your eyes peeled, they might just make an appearance as well. Coyotes similarly roam the land but tend to keep to themselves. If you know anyone with hens or chickens, you might just catch these wild ones heading for trouble. While you’re unlikely to run into the next bunch, they have been known to wander Chelan. That being said, don’t be afraid, but do be aware! Bears and bobcats are native to the area with its dense forests and expansive mountains, but they’re often spotted from a distance. To ensure you don’t catch their attention, throw away your trash and try not to carry food along the trail.
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