Celebrate Veterans Day in Chelan

We’re proud to be Americans, but we often take the value of our citizenship for granted. As we indulge in the many freedoms and luxuries our great country offers, we can sometimes forget to pay homage to those who strive to preserve our lifestyle. So, in honor of those brave men and women, we’re asking you to join the Chelan community for the Veterans Day Dinner & Program at Wapato Point Cellars.

Veteran’s Day Dinner & Program

November calls for thanksgiving – not just the holiday, but the notion in general. It’s a season to take pause and acknowledge the beauty in our lives. At Wapato Point Cellars, we’ll come together and celebrate our veterans over feast and fun.

Commencing at 5 pm on Sunday, November 11th, entry is free of charge and open to the public. Hosted at Wapato’s Winemaker’s Grill, participants will indulge in fine cuisine and exceptional company. And for our beloved veterans? A discounted meal and a special gift for your service!

The event will, no doubt, be memorable. Fine wines will don military labels while era-inspired music promises to entice the crowd. If you don’t want to miss out, we suggest you mark your calendars.

Wapato Point Cellars

Located only 10 miles from Lakeside Lodge & Suites, Wapato Point Cellars is a guest favorite. Its warm hospitality draws people from near and far, while it’s inspiring collection of wines keeps them coming back time and again.

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