Five Ways to Show Gratitude

Gratitude – it’s a topic we’re familiar with at Lakeside Lodge and Suites. We’re thankful every day for our exceptional employees and guests. So, in true holiday fashion, we’re sharing five ways to express your appreciation.


Our guests come from varied walks of life, and it’s always great to chat. But what’s even more fulfilling is knowing that they’ve been heard. Next time you’re caught up in conversation, make an extra effort to listen. Hear the other person’s perspective, understand where they are coming from and indulge in their unique contribution to your dialogue. It makes meeting new people that much more enjoyable!

See the Beauty

Lake Chelan makes this easy. It only takes one cup of coffee on your balcony, one stroll through Lakeside Park, or one hike along the nearby trails. When you soak up our exquisite surroundings, your anxieties will dissipate.

Pay it Forward

Downtown Chelan offers so many wonderful dining and retail options. If you’re wandering about town, consider picking up someone’s bill – for lunch or for coffee, perhaps. This random act of kindness tends to result in a chain reaction. Why not spread the love?


Small and undeniably simple. It’s hard not to smile when you’re vacationing at Lake Chelan! But have you noticed how the curve in your lips contributes to a positive energy? It opens our eyes to the good in the world. Even when you’re feeling blue, a grin can make all the difference in the world…plus, they’re contagious!

Book A Stay

One way to experience appreciation is to spend quality time with those you love. Book a stay at Lakeside Lodge & Suites and enjoy a getaway that affords you the opportunity to create precious memories!

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