The Lake Chelan Rodeo Is This Weekend

It’s the ropes and the reins, and the joy and the pain, and they call the thing rodeo

Well, that’s how Garth Brooks described it. But at Lake Chelan, the rodeo isn’t so much brute and brawn as it is good old family fun. Not to say those characteristics don’t exist, it’s just not the focus of this friendly competition. Y’all will want to come see the Lake Chelan Rodeo; go on, book your room!

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Our Top 3 Lake Chelan Restaurants for Summer

In the wintertime, heaven is a bowl of hot soup — maybe a hearty potato-heavy meal, a huge bowl of rich pasta eaten by the steaming forkful, or even a perfect-in-its-simplicity grilled cheese sandwich. Summer is an entirely different dining ballgame. Some restaurants just cater to the visitor who’s on vacation at the lake and been active all day. So we rounded up our top picks for Lake Chelan restaurants that have those “summery” dishes you’re hoping for. (And that’s not necessarily codeword for “salad,” either.) Continue reading “Our Top 3 Lake Chelan Restaurants for Summer”

vin du lac winery,lake chelan ava

An Introduction to the Lake Chelan American Viticultural Area (AVA)

Although we have produced wine in the Lake Chelan region for more than one hundred years, the Lake Chelan AVA is still relatively new. “AVA” stands for “American Viticultural Area” and is a federally designated region of wine production. This label marks Lake Chelan as one of 238 recognized AVAs, which are approved and regulated for their own unique soils and products.
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where to stay in lake chelan spring 2018

Wondering Where to Stay & What to Do at Lake Chelan This Spring?

It’s a rainy weekend day in April, you’re hiding under a blanket with a bag of chips, and you’re watching yet another rerun of Law & Order. You look over to your spouse. “We need a weekend getaway,” you say, “to Lake Chelan.” They nod emphatically and reply, “But, [your name], where to stay in Lake Chelan this year? What is there to do?”

…And you’d best believe we have some answers for you. So put down those chips and lay aside the remote, reader, because it’s time to plan your spring break to Chelan.

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