Top 4 Places to go Skiing near Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan has many amazing winter activities, but one of our favorites is skiing. If you’ve been skiing near Lake Chelan, you know that the area’s natural beauty makes the experience like none other. If you haven’t, you might not know about the great ski areas around Lake Chelan. Find out our top 4 places to go skiing near Lake Chelan below. When you stay at Lakeside Lodge and Suites, you’ll be close to these areas so you can easily ski at some or all of them during your stay.

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Here’s the Catch: Fishing in Lake Chelan

The rooms are homey, the people are convivial, and the lake is sublime. What’s the catch? Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few when you go fishing in Lake Chelan!

It’s a lake that stretches nearly 50 miles and it sits adjacent to our lodge. But while we know the ins and outs of the clear blue waters, you’ll want to check the Department of Fish and Wildlife pamphlet for license requirements as well as size and catch limits.

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