Celebrate Veterans Day in Chelan

We’re proud to be Americans, but we often take the value of our citizenship for granted. As we indulge in the many freedoms and luxuries our great country offers, we can sometimes forget to pay homage to those who strive to preserve our lifestyle. So, in honor of those brave men and women, we’re asking you to join the Chelan community for the Veterans Day Dinner & Program at Wapato Point Cellars.

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What to Do With Your Pumpkin After Halloween

It’s a valued tradition to carve up a pumpkin in anticipation of All Hallows’ Eve. Getting down to the nitty gritty, we dig out the seeds, select a design, and cut to the chase. But after Halloween has come and gone, that beautiful Jack-O-Lantern sits hallow on our porch, having fulfilled its seasonal destiny. Luckily, it can still be of use!

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Fun at the Gau-Sco Farm Pumpkin Patch

One revered family tradition is heading out to select the perfect pumpkin. As Halloween draws near, it’s an occasion that brings the entire family together. You embark on a less than wild goose chase for the pumpkin befitting of porch décor. A Jack-O-Lantern with just enough pizazz to showcase your talent and welcome trick or treaters from near and far! Luckily, if you’re in Chelan there’s a pumpkin patch at Gau-Sco Farm in Malaga, Washington.

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